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Dairy & Bakery

           In Our Bakery
MEALTYME BREAD Everyday low Price $1.87
Mrs Dunster’s Assorted Squares
   (texas brownies, turtle brownies, hello dollies
     german chocolate, nanaimo mint, 
     nannimo regular, Cherry Pineapple)
Mrs Dunster’s Cheese English Muffins  
Mrs Dunster Cinnamon Buns  
Mrs Dunster’s Cupcakes    (pkg 6)  
Mrs Dunster’s Short Bread Cookies  
Mrs Dunster’s Gingersnaps  
Mrs Dunster’s  Kaiser Rolls
Mrs Dunster’s Muffins $3.47/pkg
Mrs Dunster’s  Pies Variety Flavors
   Coconunt Cream, Lemon, Apple,
   Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream
Mrs Dunster’s Pizza Shells
Mrs Dunster’s Shortbread Cookies  
Mrs Dunster’s Split Rolls  
Fancy Pocket Bagels $2.99 pkg
Fancy Pocket Flatbread Wraps  
Cheese Cake (fruit stand,festive favorite, Heavenly Chocolate)
Mom Pound Cake
*New* Vachon Cakes (box) 2/$6.00
Baxter’s Eggnog 1lt $2.99
Armstrong Cheese Melts  Slices   24/pk $3.77
Armstron Cheese Sticks $4.97
Butter  1 lb                        ***Everyday Low Price *** $5.99
Cereal Cream $3.17
Coffee Cream $3.17
Cheese by Block  $5.97
Cheese Shredded  320 gr (mozzeralla,taco nacho and 4  cheese) $6.27
Dairyland Whipped Cream   450 gr $4.19
Heluva Dips (assorted) $2.97
International Delight $4.39
Margarine Meadowvale  Tubs  1 lb $3.77
Milk- White 250ml  
Milk- Chocolate     250ml  
Milk- Chocolate   1 Litre  $2.47
Milk to Go $1.69
Milk to Go  6×200 ml $3.97
Milk to Go Sport $3.47
4l Bagged Milk Everyday Low Price! $6.49
Our Compliments  Salads, Macroni , Potato, and Coleslaw
Sour Cream 250ml $3.09
Sunny D Tangy Original/ Smooth  1.3 L $2.53
New  Honey Pure Unpasturized  
New  Honey Pure Unpasturized 625 gr $7.97


* Prices are subject to change without notice